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Is Rum as good as a fine whiskey? Yes, off course! Still the old “Pirate drink” is in many places an insider tip, but in the bar scene is clearly on the advance. The fact that Rum was mentioned for the first time around 1650 bears witness to its long tradition and suggests that to this day it has been appreciated as a good drink in many countries of the world. Fine nuances of caramel, vanilla and chocolate make it round and balanced in the taste, well suited to end the day accordingly or to make special days even more beautiful.

Especially important for the taste and quality of a rum is the ripening and storage in the wooden barrel. This determines the unique character of the spirit drink. Our brands, imported from Cuba, meet the highest quality standards throughout the production process. Awards confirm this, and every RUM finds its lover. Our customers have found their favorite and appreciate the qualities of Cuban rums.

Catalogue 2017

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Rum, as good as a noble whiskey